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2017: We're All Realizing Stuff

Many of my friends and I have recently experienced a shift in our perceptions. One including the idea that the reality that we're living in is not exactly what it seems. On a surface level, there are many polarizing events taking place. Radical change is happening and it's not going to be the easiest transformation for our society. I, however, believe that in these challenging times we face there are great opportunities that exist for society as a whole to reflect on who we are as people.

Lately, I've felt the desire to create a greater contribution to the world. I've had a string of questions come to mind that includes: What can I do to contribute to my friends, family, and community? What value and service can I provide for others? What causes do I see myself giving my time and energy to? How do I use my creative skills and abilities to make a difference in the world and people around me? What purpose do my art and voice serve? How can I express more unconditional love?  

These are questions I've been pondering, and haven't figured out the answers to them yet. But I've definitely realized that there are negative tendencies that no longer serve me. I've observed a great part of our generation has been fed on e-philosophies that inspire hedonism. Many of us are gas-lighting our over-indulgences, leading to an addiction to pain, pleasure and social media. But perhaps these are only temporary fixes for a greater underlying problem. As a generation, we must really take responsibility for ourselves despite the horrendous and traumatizing world we've grown up in. If we allow our conditioned lethargy and victimhood to run our lives, we will never be able to fully engage and contribute to what surrounds us. I myself struggle with these things, but I'm waking up more and more to the realization that the world needs us to be present. We can't blindly follow the patterns that have previously held us in place. We must do everything in our immediate control (lifestyle choices, time management, and what energy we bring to our everyday interactions) to create change. This world is full of opportunities to grow if we are open and receptive to it. 

We can't be silent anymore, we have to discuss the things that are important to us. People of color, minorities and all women must rally together to discuss creative ideas to combat that which oppresses us. Now more than ever we have to express kindness and empathy. We need to include all of those who feel powerless and voiceless. Yourself included. May this be a call to action: to think about your place in the world, what difference can you make, and how can you inspire others to create a new pattern for the world we live in. One full of genuine connection, community, and unconditional love. To some, that may be irrational or impossible, but for a generation that has nothing to lose, it's all we've got left. 

Now I'm not claiming these are the answers to our problems or to be some guy that has it all figured out. What I say is open to interpretation and these are ideas I myself am still striving to integrate. It's what I believe in, so I share them in hopes that someone else feels the same.

Thank you for your time! These are things that I am still learning to actively engage in, and although I haven't figured it out completely, I recommend you to do your own research and reflect on this. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!