Hello, all! 

First off, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this! I've been somewhat absent the past few months, but just know I'm glad to be back and ready to share with you, my new project: Thea.

This project started some time ago in the 6th and Franklin studio in Downtown Las Vegas. I was brainstorming and came across a web page about Theia, the Greek goddess of heavenly light and sight. Greek mythology has always fascinated me so, I took inspiration from the name. I created the cover art and embarked on my journey. My task was to create music that embodies the feeling of heavenly light and sight. I feel like this project is unlike any of my previous work in the sense that In my pursuit of this I witnessed its evolution. I learned many valuable lessons, had unforgettable experiences and connected with many amazing people. This project marks a period of my existence that I feel has altered the path of my evolution forever. Through this time I had many mental breakdowns, but even more breakthroughs. I appreciate it all and definitely, have a new found vision for my life and career. I hope you guys can sense that within yourselves. I created from a place of purity awareness, so I hope it reflects in the music. From dusk to dawn, from dark to light- there will always be blessings. 

Thank you for all your support!! It means the world to me, and If you enjoy my art- I deeply appreciate you! You can now stream "Thea." On all online platforms! If you would really like to support my work monetarily, please purchase from my Bandcamp! 

Looking forward to what is in store for all of us! 

Yours truly,